Twin Cities Archdiocese meets settlement with the clergy abuse victims for $210 million

This settlement between archdiocese and clergy abuse victims is the largest of its kind in the United States. The disastrous bankruptcy which forced a reckoning on archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul for years of clergy sexual abuse has finally met a settlement for a whopping $210 million for about 450 victims. This settlement is the largest one of its kind in the United States.

Announced on Thursday, the settlement, still has to be approved in the bankruptcy court. The money for the claimants will be put in a trust fund where the payments will be given based on the extent of abuse that they had to go through. In return of the money they receive, the victims will not be allowed to put forth any further legal action against the archdiocese.

The chairman of abuse survivors committee, Jim Keenan talked to the media and said that they had been waiting for this moment for a long time. It is a great victory for them and their victory will mark a safer and better future for the world.

Other people were also of the view that the church let them down and the lives of the victims were changed forever. The abuse had stolen a lot from the victims but with this settlement, the abuse comes to an end and this settlement will also allow the local church to carry on with its true mission.

A significant change has also been made in the archdiocese. In January 2015, the archdiocese had filed for bankruptcy protection after the avalanche of clergy abuse lawsuits.

The archdiocese went on and identified about 91 clergy sex abuser members. Following a string of allegations, John Nienstedt, the then- Archbishop resigned stating that he had failed to protect the children from clergy.

The Rev. Kevin McDonough, former vicar general, was also removed from the chancery because of this reason. Archdiocese had to sell off some assets and a large portion of land in order to prepare the settlement for the victims. New policies were instituted by the archdiocese which promised a better shield for the children so that they can be saved from falling a prey to any sort of perverts and sexual predators.

The attorney of the victims, Jeff Anderson addressed an emotional news conference in his office that the archdiocese has released over a hundred thousand documents regarding the abuse. Because of its litigation, many of these documents have been made legal. According to Mr. Anderson, the victims had a story of extreme trauma and a magnificent triumph that will provide a healing to them knowing they were pursing truth and accountability and they got it. Anderson has been representing various people who were allegedly abused by the priests. In the news conference, Anderson was all teared up. He said that his feelings were taking control over him at that moment.

This twin cities settlement comes out to be the largest diocesan bankruptcy settlement in the history of US.

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