St. Paul archdiocese will pay $210 million to the victims of clergy abuse

The largest of its kind in the history of US, the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis have agreed to a settlement with the victims of clergy abuse so that no further legal action can be taken against them. However, this settlement has cost them a whopping $210 million for about 450 victims of the clergy sex abuse. This is a part of the bankruptcy reorganization plan of archdiocese since they will have to sell off their assets and a large portion of land in order to make up the settlement money. The judges have put the money in a trust fund so that it can be distributed amongst the victims of clergy sex abuse depending on the amount of abuse that they had to face and bear.

The scandal has rocked the Roman Catholic church of the nation and has come out to be the largest settlement ever made in the history of US in its kind of case. Jeff Anderson, the attorney for the victims, told that the total sum of money amounts to $210,290,724 and it will go to a pot from where the money for every survivor will be decided.

Anderson has been the attorney of various people before who were a victim to sex abuse by the priests. He was all teared up in the news conference and exclaimed with joy and tears that this was a huge day in the life of the victims who will have a story of trauma and triumph to get and how they went on the pursuit of truth and accountability and achieved it.

Anderson told that a formal plan of reorganization will be submitted to a bankruptcy judge for approval which will then be sent for a vote to the victims. Anderson said that the victims will approve it.

Twin cities- area priest had sexually assaulted about 450 children. One victim, Jim Keenan, who was abused in 80s when she was a child, told that they (victims) had changed the playing filed and the voices of victims will now be heard.

Marie Mielke was another victim who had been abused in 1990s. She urged all the other survivors to stand up for their rights and raise their voices against all the oppressors. She said that healing and power have the same strength as does the evil out there. You have to get up and grab it.

The archbishop Bernard Hebda said that he was really thankful to the victims who had moved forward for raising their voices. He said he was aware of the losses that victims had to bear because of the abuse. The abuse changed their lives forever, stole so much from them, their safety, their trust, innocence and even faith. He was of the view that this settlement will bring some relief to the ones who were harmed. He said that he was trying his level best to formulate the payment in a way that benefits the abused to the maximum.

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