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Cambridge Analytica Vs Facebook Users In Bankruptcy Clash


It seems trouble is never too far from the UK consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica. After the firm recently closed its doors to over the harvested data scandal that rocked its shores during the last United States presidential elections, the firm is now faced by a group of Facebook users even in its ongoing bankruptcy.

The group Data Breach Plaintiffs on Tuesday filed a notice to show itself in the company's New York Bankruptcy. Data Breach Plaintiffs is involved in two separate lawsuits against Cambridge Analytica and Facebook over the violation of personal data of over 87 million Facebook users.

Delaware District Court was where the suits were filed, and they seek damages for the invasion of privacy and data breaches

Personality Quiz

A California resident. Ben Redmond, a lead plaintiff, says each damage should amass above $1000 per violation. Redmond, a frequent Facebook user since 2007, says the breach of his data occurred even when he didn't give consent to personality quiz app called

Craig Skotnicki who has been a Facebook user for nine years made a similar claim like Ben Redmond about the personality quiz. He claimed his data was shared as soon as a friend of his used the app.

Facebook could be fined upwards of $40,000 each day per violation if it's found to breach a 2011 consent order over user data.

Both Craig and Redmond cite reports that President Trump campaign team hired Cambridge Analytica to target voters on online platforms during the elections.

Bankruptcies give companies the opportunities to slow down the lawsuit against them. A claim must be filed if a suit would go ahead against a company going bankrupt. While no particular bankruptcy claim has been made, Tuesday's filing is already a step in that direction.

Mercer family

The lawsuits against Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are part of the vast number of lawsuits filed around the United States, with the last few months witness over a dozen new case.

Most complainers claim they face irreparable damages caused by the exploitation of their data by the company.

Cambridge Analytica having already ceased its operations listed its liabilities in its bankruptcy filing to be in the range of $1m to $10m. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing was signed by Jennifer Mercer and Rebekah Mercer both of whom are board members.

Both are daughters of Robert Mercer, the former New York Hedge fund manager. The Mercer family backed Trump in his presidential campaign, and they helped to refine American conservative politics.

Robert Mercer is known for his role in Renaissance Technologies where he served as a co-CEO and made most of his fortune. He has been a potent financial backer for the UK consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica

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