The clergy abuse victims to get $210 million from the St. Paul Archdiocese

The biggest settlement in the history of Roman Catholic Church and United States in its kind of case is in process with the St. Paul and Minneapolis to pay $210 million in settlement for the clergy abuse victims. The number of victims is roughly 450 who were the victims of clergy sex abuse. The settlement will provide some sort of relief for the victims who were looking up for justice and according to Jeff Anderson, the attorney representing the victims, said that he was really happy on the outcome of the case and stated that the victims have a story of trauma and triumph to tell.

The victims had a pursuit of accountability and truth and they remained steadfast and as a result of their sacrifices, they have gained this settlement for them. This marks a day for a better future and safer world for the children. Anderson told that there will be a proper reorganization plan for the amount which will be submitted to the bankruptcy court for the judge to approve and the vote of victims will be required. Anderson was of the view that the victims will readily accept it. A total of $210,290,724 will be paid to the survivors. At the moment, the money will be submitted in a trust fund, from where it will be distributed amongst the survivors according to the severity of the abuse they had to face.

The victims were all teared up on the result of the case and were exhibiting their excitement in the form of some emphatic statements. Jim Keenan, a child sex abuse victim in the 1980s, said that they had changed the playing field and the voices of victims will now be heard and it was a huge moment for them.

The Archbishop, Bernard Hebda offered his condolences to the victims and shared his comments that he was really thankful and grateful to the victims for standing up and speaking for themselves. He said that he was well aware of the losses of the victims due to this abuse. He knew that the victims had lost their trust, safety, and in some cases, even faith, all because of such unfortunate and hideous crimes of the priest. He hoped that the settlement will be a relief for the victims and brings some closure for them. Bernard Hebda also said that he was working with them in order to formulate a proper strategy which will benefit the victims to the maximum.

According to a website regarding clergy sex abuses, stated that this settlement was the largest payout among all the Roman Catholic archdioceses. The dioceses had filed for the bankruptcy protection in 2015 because of the high number of lawsuits coming against them. A three- year window was opened by the Minnesota legislature for allowing sexually abused people to step forward and sue for damages. Thus, hundreds of claims came flooded in filing claims against the archdiocese.

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