Facebook Users Appear in Cambridge Analytica Bankruptcy

Cambridge Analytica is a political consulting firm in the UK. It collected the data of about 87 million Facebook users without permission to manipulate the presidential election in the US.

Currently, in its bankruptcy, it is confronting a group of users in Facebook. A notice was filed by the plaintiffs regarding the data breach to make an appearance in the New York bankruptcy of the company. The lawsuits against which the group is linked is related to Facebook as well as Cambridge Analytica. It seeks class section status regarding the personal information leakage of so many users.

The lawyer Michael Etkin who is a partner in the Lowenstein Sandler LLP's bankruptcy practice said that everything that will be done will be as per the class action developments and the U.S. bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings in the UK.

The plaintiffs worry about assembling the bankruptcy-related papers and information to have a clear idea about the issue related to Cambridge Analytica. The lawsuits in Delaware District court claim damages for privacy intrusion, data theft, and increased theft risk. Other complaints include communication interception in an unlawful manner, negligence, and law violation that aims at the protection of the stored communications. Ben Redmond, a resident of California and Facebook user since 2007, reveals that the violations have occurred through an app related to personality quiz known as "this is your digital life". He is of the opinion that each violation should be more than $1000.Plaintiffs in other places such as Ohio, Texas, and Illinois also represent this case.

Another person named Craig Skotnicki, who has been using Facebook since 2009 makes similar allegations. As per his complaint, violating a 2011 consent decree related to user data handling can impose more than $40,000 fine for each violation per day, on Facebook.

Reports show that Trump had hired Cambridge Analytica to manipulate the online voters. There has been a notification regarding the appearance in the bankruptcy which specifies that the cases need not give up their trial rights to a jury. The companies are enabled to minimize the lawsuits against them because of bankruptcies. The lawsuit against a bankrupt company can continue only when a claim is filed.Damages are being continuously faced by certain plaintiffs as per their claim, because of their private data which is with Cambridge Analytica.

Earlier in its bankruptcy filing, the political consulting firm had listed liabilities of $1 million to $10 million. The board members named Rebekah Mercer and Jennifer Mercer who are the daughters of Robert Mercer, the recent New York hedge fund manager, signed Chapter 7 petition for liquidation. Robert Mercer has been Renaissance Technologies' co-chief executive officer and Cambridge Analytica's financial backer. This family supported Donald Trump for president and restructured the American conservative politics.

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