No comment from attorneys for Remington regarding bankruptcy and their rifle settlement.

Remington’s attorney won’t say if the plan by the gun manufacturer to file for the chapter 11 bankruptcy will have any impact on the decision to repair the defective guns that were in the investigation in 2010. John Sherk has gone on to say the company is in a position not to comment.  The attorney that is representing the plaintiffs that have sued the brand Remington over the 700-bolt action rifle said that it appears in their position liquidation will stop the gun repair driver.

Plaintiffs are claiming and have been doing so for decades that the company covered up the design defect which was allowing the rifle to fire without pulling the trigger.  Remington’s comment was the guns are safe and denies all allegations.  In 2014 however, the company had agreed to replace all trigger mechanisms on the million on guns just to put the case to rest.

Two owners of the guns appealed and argued that in fact the agreement downplays the risks and does not notify the public of the dangers.

The attorney for Remington had said that only 31,000 people had put in claims from the absolute millions that were in the settlement. The settlement should be allowed to stand given due to the effort of notifying the gun holders was unparalleled.  Ralph Erickson who was a judge on the panel came forward to say many gun owners may have seen this as too much hassle to get involved in and not wanting to hand over their rifles for repair.  This would sound fair to the customers that haven’t had any problems with their guns at all. A settlement is still at hand and could take many more months.  If it appears to go the upheld way this will mean gun owners have a time limit to hand over their guns for repairs.  This will all depend on whether Remington’sinsolvency ends up messing with the process.  The liquidation has not yet been filed.

Some claim this is a bogus settlement for a few 30,000-gun owners out of the 7. 5 million people who own these guns seem to be a notice campaign. Remington or its attorneys have not responded to the questions as to whether they intend to abide with the agreement if the event of a bankruptcy should happen.  The settlement has a guarantee that the corporation will meet its obligations, but it does not state the possibility of a bankruptcy.
Since the settlement was put out in 2014 it sad to release that many more court cases were linked to the design faults in the 700 models to many death and injuries this was involving the successor the x-mark pro that was launched in 2007 and the original trigger mechanism that was marketed in the 1940s.
Remington still says the x mark pro design is safe but there is a recall of a few models for what the corporation says was a problem in the making that could cause a firing without the trigger pull. The settlement was meant to finalize and end it, but it is still all up in arms since it first came to hand.

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